NettaLife is a RAMM Pharma company. It is a company dedicated to the production, export and commercialization of pet products, food, pharmaceutical specialties and cosmetic products.
The company began its activities in 2019, from which time it has been in permanent development and introducing innovative products to the market.

In the past time we have built a great team that will continue to grow with the purpose of generating greater development and productivity.

Through its branches, NettaPet and NettaVet, the company was promoted in the development of productive processes with a higher technological and industrial degree, also raising the quality standard of its products and aiming at continuous improvement and innovation in the world of pets.


First of all, we act responsibly and with integrity and because of this, we accomplished to create and sustain a successful business.


We believe that health comes first and that’s why our pets food it is just as important as our food. It is because of our very special sense and empathy for animals we’ve founded NettaLife.


And everything we’ve done, we’ve done together, as a team. Grand accomplishments are never achieved alone, we always cooperate as a dedicated team, we share both our expertise and credit for success.



Communication is the key to any successful kind of relationship, influencing and creating powerful projects.  Just as animals communicate with us in their own unique way, also we communicate between each other at every stage we develop in NettaLife.


Our big mission is to create a world of healthy and happy pets and animals. Everything we do at NettaLife aims to create a diverse premium quality product offer for animals we love. It is our goal to become a benchmark in healthy pet food and services for pets and animals. Thanks to our continuous innovation and research, today we have developed a unique product, working to lauch many other options on the market.


Constantly developing and researching regarding Hemp and CBD provide us the means to explore the possibility to create safer and healthier food and reliable services for our companions. It is our goal to offer to our consumers a wide variety of recognized premium pet products and services.

[Cruelty free research: we investigate together with Universities, without inducing any disease, pain or distress to the animals, respecting their welfare]

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